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Easy Branding for small businesses

I like to listen to you telling me about your project, or company, and I ask you a lot of questions (I want to understand it well to explain it better). We visualize your digital identity together and I help you shape it so that we can explain it to the world, always adapting to your size and making it very easy.


Emma Draper, Branding Coach

What do we do and how?

We provide small businesses with the strategy and support that their brand needs, to give them visibility and help them grow easily and affordably.

First let's talk ...



... then we think of the web ...


..And finally the social media


We prefer face-to-face conversations rather than contact forms.... but if you prefer you can call me or write me and we'll chat...

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What they say ..

Nordic Walking

Ànima helped and guided us from the beginning. We had a project and many ideas but we didn’t know how to make them effective. With her help, little by little those ideas were sorted and made sense. To this day, we have a fantastic website, a planning on our social networks and above all, our brand has become visible !!! No doubt, if you have a business idea and do not know how to make it real, contact ànima!

- Cristina Paz, Director of Nordic Walking Maniak's