Step 2

... Then we think of the web ...

The web is the backbone of corporate communication, and as we learned recently during the Covid-19 crisis, having a web presence has become a must.

The web design process consists of two phases:


Together we will think how we want it. We will propose the colors, style, structure, write the texts, and look for the photos, or we will make them (we have the best collaborators if necessary).

ànima will organizes all the content so you don’t have to worry. We prepare all the ingredients and take them to the kitchen. This preparation is laborious and that is why we take care of it;)


Continuing with our philosophy of providing affordable solutions so that everyone can have services at low cost, ànima makes for you a cool page, easily and quickly, at a very low cost. Because everyone has to have a digital presence, ànima makes it possible.


And once we have the web ... let's make show it to the world